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Fueled by the Power of Dreams, Honda continues to rank as the world’s most innovative mobility company.

The Honda Heritage Center highlights the company’s successes in North America over the last half century with an array of historical, current and future products – each with its own story. The exhibits showcase the challenging spirit that has driven Honda to overcome challenges and make a positive impact on the environment, their communities and their customers.

Visit www.hondaheritagecenter.com for more information.

$35 Per Person

Tour includes transportation, lunch, custom presentation for the group, and a self-guided tour of the Honda Heritage Center.

Tour Times: 11:30AM until 3:30PM


Wyandotte Winery is the first and oldest winery in Central Ohio conveniently located in northeast Columbus, just miles from Easton Town Center. The winery was built in 1977 when the land around us was field and forest. Since then a neighborhood has sprung up around the winery.

Wyandotte Winery has a variance from the City of Columbus to allow the property to be considered a “unique” property. So, at Wyandotte Winery they manufacture the wine in the cellar, taste the wine in the tasting room, and offer a retail shop for purchasing wine and wine related gifts.  The wine shop and tasting room provide a comfortable, relaxed environment to taste and enjoy Wyandotte wines. Wyandotte does not have a large vineyard, but only about 75 vines on the property. Grapes and juice to make the wine come from Ohio whenever possible, but if the fruit cannot be grown well in Ohio, it is brought in from other parts of the US and the world including California and Chile.

Our goal is to produce wines that people enjoy. We believe wine should be fun and enjoyable, not intimidating. At Wyandotte, You Enter a Customer, you leave a friend!

$40 Per Person

Tour includes transportation, lunch, tour of the winery, and wine tasting.

Tour Times: 11:30AM until 3:30PM